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With many Kansans unemployed, we must be hyper-focused on rebuilding the Kansas economy. Even before the pandemic, the Kansas Economy consistently lagged behind surrounding states. As your representative, I will work with local business to ensure they have the resources necessary to continue to thrive.

K-12 Education

With new commitments in funding, we should continue to reform and innovate our school districts. This means getting funding directly to teachers in the classrooms and stop paying backroom administrators six figure salaries while we struggle to hire and retain teachers. I will be an advocate for teachers and our children and I firmly believe that communities prosper when there is a robust public education system.

College Education

As someone who did not attain a traditional four year degree, I will focus on informing the next generation of Kansans of careers that do not require going into tremendous amounts of debt before even beginning their careers.

Taxes & Spending

The Kansas Legislature continues to pass ever-increasing budgets that are unbalanced and rely on budgeting practices that are deceptive to the public. For years, uncontroversial and non-partisan budget recommendations have gone unanswered that would save the state and taxpayers millions of dollars a year without sacrificing services. As you representative, I will not vote for budgets that are unbalanced and waste your money.


Let’s be honest, when you go to your doctor or seek emergency care are you really sure of the cost? As your representative, I will support legislation that draws back the curtain on healthcare costs and gives you the ability to comparison shop and ends surprise medical billing.

Medicaid Expansion

I believe in offering more Kansans access to affordable healthcare by expanding Medicaid. I would support a plan that requires premiums and copays. This will help ensure that Kansans who are struggling to make ends meet are able to quickly get back on their feet.

Respect for Life

I believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. Society should protect and defend the most vulnerable.

Support Law Enforcement

While there may be measures to reform police tactics and improve training I will not support efforts to defund our police. Our law enforcement officers risk their lives to protect our community and will have my full support.
Jerry Clinton

About Jerry Clinton

Married to Rosemary Clinton for 49 years, Jerry is a proud father of 3 sons and 7 grandchildren. Jerry is a Navy Veteran who served in the Vietnam War.
After his military service, Jerry attended Vocational Training School at Kansas State College of Pittsburg. He would go on to work as a mechanical design engineer for 18 years at The Pritchard Corporation and later founded his own small business, Clinton Design Inc and Drafting Services.